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Panera Bread began in 1981 under the name of Au Bon Pain Co. Inc. and was founded by Louis Kane and Ron Shaich on the U.S. east coast. They expanded to international proportions in the 1980s and 1990s and, as of June 2015, they operate 1,926 bakery cafes in the U.S. and Canada. The company operates under the brand names Panera Bread®, Saint Louis Bread Co.®, and Paradise Bakery & Café® names. They deliver fresh, authentic artisan bread with attention to clean eating in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dough is baked fresh each and every day, with no artificial ingredients or short cuts, and relies on knowledgeable bakers and bakery quality equipment.

Panera Bread considers itself an advocate for clean, healthy food and serves the highest quality ingredients without additives like trans fats and MSG, colorings, sweeteners, flavoring agents, or artificial preservatives. They’re so serious about clean eating that they even got their own food No No List and a menu transparency policy. This company provides plenty of tips for how to eat out and watch your dietary intake, provides tips and tricks for healthy eating, and you can download their nutrition information and food policy to browse at your leisure.

Order online and Panera Bread and pick up your take out at their nearest location, they’ll deliver food straight to your table at home or in a café location, and will even cater your next special event. Their take-out and delivery menu provides everything you need for a delicious and healthy meal including drinks, shakes, and tantalizingly delicious dessert options. Their entire menu includes the calorie count for each item and provides a full nutritional breakdown so you can achieve proper protein, calorie, fat, vitamin and mineral intake for optimal health.

All this health talk doesn’t mean you’ll feel like you’re a rabbit either. Menu items at Panera Bread are flavorful and feature items like Mac & Cheese, pasta meals, huge flatbread sandwiches, hearty soups, bowl meals, sumptuous desserts, and seasonal favorites. Bakery breads are artisan style and include options like cinnamon raisin swirl, Asiago cheese, sourdough, rye, and three-cheese. Best of all is that they are baked fresh daily using the best of ingredients without anything you don’t need like flavor enhancers or unhealthy preservatives. No trickery is involved in their labeling either. Calories are listed for the entire loaf as well as by the slice and nutritional and allergen details are listed on every item.

Bring home your favorite Panera Bread creations with their Panera at home selections. Product assortment, packaging size, pricing and availability may vary by retailer location. Follow cooking, use and storage directions on package for best results to duplicate the Panera experience at home. Soups are sold in 16-ounce containers, meats in 12-ounce packages, salad dressings in 12-ounce or 10-ounce bottles, frozen bread with 2 loaves per package, coffee in 12-ounce packages and 12 single-serve cups per carton.

Prices at Panera are equal or better to your grocery retailer or local bakery and are way less than what you’d expect for artisan fare and the highest quality ingredients. Panera just wants people to eat great food knowing exactly what they are consuming for optimal health and they provide it at a cost similar to eating in a fat and preservative laden fast-food chain. Eating great, nutritious, and healthy food is as simple as visiting your local Panera Bread or taking advantage of their catering and delivery options.

Panera Bread Coupons

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