Top 10 Web Development Courses on Udemy

We spend almost an insufferable amount of time surfing the web to find the best web development course. Even if we have our smartphone propped up against our face it’s basically on the net but through an app or so. It’s baffling to think how much we rely upon the world wide web. Some People might start having panic attacks if there was no internet connection, even for an hour. Businesses also depend on the web and the digital marketing industry is currently a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why should we learn from Udemy?

But with all that engagement, we barely even spare a thought about it works or how it is built. The making and deployment of a website or a web application and the management thereafter are called Web Development in short. Web developers are quite an important part of the technological landscape.

Learning web development can have a profound effect on your career in the present and coming days. The landscape of the web is changing day by day. An online course might help you understand concepts at your convenience. What better place to learn a skill from than one of the largest online course websites? I’m talking about Udemy of course.

Udemy Course Criteria
The courses here are the top 10 rated web development courses on sale as of writing this. There are criteria for a review here:

Course topics: the topics covered in the course
Resources: The material used for the course
Relevance: How relevant the course topics are

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp
Course topics: This course talks covers the basics of web development front end and back end. It also builds real web-based apps for practical growth.
Resources: 46.5 Hours of on-demand video, 77 Articles, and 85 downloadable resources
Relevance: It has the basics of front end and back end covered. But it might be a daunting task for newbies to go through every part at a stretch. So they should pace themselves a bit. The use of jquery is not relevant in this day and age and this course talks about it. So there are some problems with it.

2. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
Course topics: This course concentrates on building websites and web apps and covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, and MySQL. It also has real-life projects for hands-on learning. It also talks about APIs which is very important for web development.
Resources: 30.5 Hours of on-demand video,143 Articles
Relevance: To build basic knowledge. this is a very good course. But outdated concepts like jquery is added here. Some people do not like PHP and this course has PHP as a back end language

3. The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to mastery
Course topics: This course also covers HTML, CSS, and JS but for the back end it uses node.js. It also uses real-life projects to give practical knowledge.
Resources: 31.5 Hours of on-demand video,112 Articles, and 78 downloadable resources
Relevance: Up to now this might be one of the most updated and relevant course topics within the courses. It covers all the basics properly. But in terms of depth, it lacks some topic in length.

4. The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp
Course topics: This course divides the front and back end into various groups and goes on with very good progression. HTML, CSS. JS, Node.js, Jquery are the main languages the course focuses on. It also has coding exercises which give very relevant practice
Resources: 43 Hours of on-demand video,81 Articles, and 19 downloadable resources
Relevance: This is one of the better courses on Udemy right now and covers the basics very well. But the addition of jquery again can make or break the deal for you.

5. Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects
Course topics: This course covers the topics described in previous courses. But the distinguished aspect of this course is how much it concentrates on the deployment hosting and other non-code related topics
Resources: 31.5 Hours of on-demand video, 47 downloadable resources
Relevance: Other than having jquery as a topic it covers most relevant topics in regards to 2020 web standards. It also covers WordPress which is a web-based buzzword now.

6. The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
Course topics: This course is not for beginners. The people who know frontend and backend will learn JS frameworks NPM and other advanced web development topics
Resources: 34 Hours of on-demand video,9 Articles, and 121 downloadable resources
Relevance: This course is relevant to people who have already have a good understanding of basic web development topics and might turn off newcomers.

7. The Complete front end Web Development course
Course topics: This course is absolutely for beginners. Just HTML, CSS, and Vanilla javascript and some Google chrome extension knowledge.
Resources: 15 Hours of on-demand video
Relevance: This course almost seems like it was made for children or senior citizens. It has quite a lot of gaps in terms of relevance.

8. The Complete 2020 Development course- build 15 projects
Course topics: This course is very detailed. Even HTML topics are explained in minute detail. The course topics are very detailed and present a full understanding of web development topics.
Resources: 84 Hours of on-demand video,10 Articles, and 161 downloadable resources
Relevance: This course is relevant for a person who wants a full-stack experience

9. The complete 2020 Full-stack Web Developer Course
Course topics: The course topics in this course are also vast as it covers the full stack web experience. It also has small web apps or conversion based programs that are built as a part of the syllabus.
Resources: 21 Hours of on-demand video,2 Articles, and 14 downloadable resources
Relevance: Although it says it is a full-stack course, the takers of this course will have some gaps in their learning in terms of full-stack learning. It is more than decent as a beginner’s course though

10. The Complete Junior to Senior Web developer roadmap (2020)
Course topics: This course is a transitional course for beginners to advanced. It talks about SSH, App testing, AWS, Typescript, reacts which are very much advanced topics
Resources: 33 Hours of on-demand video,111 Articles, and 26 downloadable resources
Relevance: This course will help an already knowledgeable beginner and put information about more advanced topics like frameworks and web service basics.

We are hoping the above courses will help you to learn web development in the shortest possible time from home. Additionally, the course cost is the lowest in the world compared to others. At last, we want to say that you will never find these types of resourceful course at such a low price.

Happy Learning!