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Top 5 VPN Services for WordPress Users

Privacy and security concerns on the internet have always been a challenging aspect of the platform. As your public IP is very easily traceable, so much information can be extracted from it which could potentially make you vulnerable. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that can save you from this kind of breach and keep your data safe from intruders. This article will explain the idea of VPN along with the necessity of it. Also, we will provide you with a list of 5 best VPN services for WordPress.

What is VPN?

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, it is a virtually created network that helps you secure your internet connection and protect your identity by masking your actual identity. It does not allow the internet to trace your actual identity along with your location and other related data.

Why do we use a VPN?
As the technological era keeps expanding, the number of devices that we use to connect the internet is also increasing. Also, the portable devices are being carried to numerous locations that we are visiting every day. These devices can track your location and can trace data transmission between your internet-connected devices.

Also, if you use public internet spots like public WiFi or open access points, it makes your devices vulnerable to hackers as they might gain access to your passwords, browsing the history, personal files easily. They can also install malware into your devices which can lead to your accounts being hacked or your WordPress site contents being stolen. Not only public access points are vulnerable but also your home network could be compromised.

This is where VPN technology comes into play. It will enable you to browse privately by using encryption techniques to make your data transactions more secured. It can also redirect the request sent from your location through IP addresses from different countries. This will also allow you to bypass location-related content restrictions on portals like Google, YouTube, BBC, Netflix, Facebook, and so on.

If you own a WordPress site, it’s quite important for you to use a VPN which will significantly improve your site’s security. As an example, if you use SSL on your WordPress site coupled with a VPN, it can hide your activities and all kinds of data under multiple encryption layers completely.

That’s great! But, how does it really work?
Usually, when you are browsing the internet, your requests and data transactions are done via numerous servers throughout the world. Unfortunately, the activities you do online can be easily tracked and spied on by governments and more dangerously hackers. They can observe which websites you are browsing, and what your online activities are.

A VPN does not allow this to happen. It can create a private virtual network, acting as a point to point (P2P) network between your devices and the VPN server.

So, whenever you send a request for a webpage or anything using a VPN, it simply encrypts the data you are sending and then sends it to the VPN server. Then, the VPN server sends the request information to the target webpage. This process also happens when a webpage sends replies to you with your desired information by encrypting it before sending it back to your computer. This helps you keep your data transactions safe from intruders.

how to choose best service?
As VPN technology is so popular and useful, there are a great number of VPN service providers to choose from. But, they do not necessarily provide the same level of service. The following points are needed to be considered before investing in a VPN service.

Usability – The VPN you are about to use should be easy to use in all your devices. Tasks like connecting to VPN quickly, changing IPs, and Switching servers should be easily accessible and should be usable by someone with minimal technical knowledge.

Application Availability: The VPN service should have specialized applications for all major platforms that internet connected devices run on.

Bandwidth and speed aspect – You should choose a VPN service that does not slow down your connection as it has to do more than a normal insecure internet connection. Choosing a service that has a better infrastructure with better bandwidth and speed can make a huge difference.

Availability of Servers – You should choose a VPN service that offers a good number of options when it comes to switching servers and locations. It allows you to choose from multiple options by comparing the speed and availability between them. It also gives you the privilege of switching from a distant slower server to a closer and faster one.

Security Protocols – Make sure your VPN service provider is using the best security protocols to secure the connection. Also, make sure to check if they are keeping logs and using layers of encryption for all data transfers.
Based on the above-mentioned criteria, we have sorted out the 5 best VPN for WordPress for you. Take a look.

IPVanish: The most distinguishing feature of IPVanish is the usability as their service can be used by people with minimal technical knowledge. Another big advantage is that they have specialized applications for all the popular platforms currently available for internet-enabled devices which include Windows, iOS, and Android. Additionally, these applications have a simple and minimalistic user interface to interact with. They also allow you to use a single user account to be used on at most 5 devices, simultaneously.

Apart from being user friendly, their network is practically very big, consisting of more than 40,000 shared IPs that are covered by more than 750 VPN servers spreading over to a total of 60 countries. One cool feature in this service is that it will automatically suggest the fastest available servers for you. As a result, IPVanish is significantly faster than the majority of VPN services, thanks to their robust infrastructure, high bandwidth, and smart server handling.
On top of all these, IPVanish uses the 256-bit AES encryption technology which currently the best out there. This technology enables to user to have unlimited P2P connections (torrents, online file sharing), that too without capping the bandwidth. Another important thing is that they don’t keep any kind of logs to keep track of your online activities.

Cost: The lowest deal on this service goes for $6.99 per month which you have to pay on a yearly basis.

StrongVPN: StrongVPN is quite popular in the industry with around 12000+ customers with their network being spread in 24 countries which covers 47 cities among them. They also have an application for all the popular device platforms like Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. In addition to that, these applications are quite a user friendly and do not need much technical knowledge. Another very cool feature that users might like is that it does not have any limits on the number of devices you want to connect the VPN to.

StrongVPN also maintains the highest standard encryption techniques along with no bandwidth capping. They also have a separate feature called StrongDNS which enables the user to bypass censorship, that too without compromising on speed or the level of encryption.

Cost: The StrongVPN service starts from a monthly subscription fee of $5.83 but like many other services, bills need to be paid annually.

NordVPN: NordVPN has a gigantic network worldwide in more than 55 countries consisting of 765 server locations which has made it one of the most popular VPN services. Just like other popular services, they offer applications for all the popular platforms. Similarly, like IPVanish, 6 devices can be connected at the same time with this if you use different locations and servers.

They also use the highest standard encryption techniques which are a must to be a success in this market.
P2P connections along with no capping on bandwidth or download make them a great choice especially for downloading torrents. Additionally, they also have a zero log policy in place. One feature that stands out is the built-in automatic kill switch that ensures your privacy even if the virtual network connection gets dropped.

Cost: NordVPN starts from $5.75 per month and billed annually as the other popular services.

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is a world leader when it comes to the number of countries covered for service with 94 countries covering a total number of 145 locations. This makes their service reliable in the widest range of places that covers more surface area. As usual, it comes with applications for all popular platforms allowing you to go into private browsing only with one click.

Using the best encryption techniques which are industry standard makes them a contender for ensuring good service. Simultaneous connections to 3 different devices are possible with this service which counts to a little low compared with other options. File sharing services like torrents and P2P connections are possible without any capping or limiting download or bandwidth. Additionally, they do have a no-logging policy on board which is always a plus.

Cost: The lowest deal will set you back $8.25 per month and the billing cycle is considered annually.

OverPlay: OverPlay has a huge network that covers more than 70 locations in 50+ countries which accounts to a total of more than 650 servers ensuring a robust infrastructure. Industry-standard encryption techniques and a zero-logging policy have made this a viable option. They also offer limitless P2P connections that have no capping on bandwidth or downloads.

A unique feature of OverPlay is SmartDNS service which enables your device to browse the internet even without any encryption. This feature is especially helpful when you need to interact with blocked websites that do not allow encryptions.

Cost: The service starts at $8.33 per month which is billed annually, that too for all the services included such as SmartDNS.

At last, we are telling you one thing that, if you are a new or experienced user you can use any of this above-mentioned VPN for your personal or professional usage. You will get the highest benefit from these VPN’s.